Waterfront Building chooses virtual keys from PartnerSec.

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Waterfront Building in central Stockholm remove RFID cards in favor of cloud-based virtual keys from PartnerSec. Until now, the property managers have issued access cards to visitors and tenants but are now switching to virtual keys in the form of cloud-based QR-Key® and Mobile-Key ™ which are part of CampTrac APV and CavVisit.

With the cloud-based systems CampTrac APV (Access, Payment, Visitor) and CavVisit (Automatic Visitor Management), the house will automate visitor management and send virtual keys to users’ mobile phones instead of using RFID cards.
The focus of the solution is on create a modern and stylish first impression as well as being able to handle more visitors with existing real estate resources and get rid of old RFID cards.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec
” Waterfront Building is owned by one of the world’s largest property owners, MEAG from Germany. MEAG had a very clear vision of how they wanted to further develop the Waterfront Building for their tenants and visitors. The house should be a role model in appearance and design while giving a welcoming feeling to its visitors and tenants.
One of the main points was to get rid of the management RFID card and automate visitor management. Thanks to in-depth collaboration between MEAG, the property management team from Newsec and PartnerSec, we have created a long-term solution where we will automate the management of visitors as well as issue virtual keys so that the unmodern RFID cards can stop being used.
The result of our collaboration is that we deliver the very latest in cloud-based access technology and automatic visitor management to Waterfront, a so-called state-of-the-art solution.
We are proud to have MEAG and Newsec trusted to deliver this solution and look forward to a long-term collaboration.”

About MEAG
MEAG manages the assets of Munich Re and ERGO. MEAG has representations in Europe, Asia and North America and also offers its extensive know-how to institutional and private clients from outside the company group. MEAG currently manages assets to the value of Euro 297 billion, of which more than 15 billion in real estate.
More about MEAG: https://www.meag.com/index_en.html
About Newsec
Newsec was founded in 1994 and is today a partner-owned company with some 2 000 co-workers in seven markets. Newsec has approx. EUR 60 billion under management and annually signs lease agreements of some 1 000 000 square meters, manages transactions of some EUR 5 billion and does real estate valuations of underlying property worth EUR 175 billion.
More about Newsec: https://www.newsec.se/

About PartnerSec AB
PartnerSec develops and sells cloud-based APV systems (access, payment, visitors), ie access control, payment and visitor management systems. We are an innovative growth company with a personal with a multicultural background. We have high competence and long experience from both the IT and the security industry.

PartnerSec – The World’s Best First Impression®. www.partnersec.se
More about the cloud based CampTrac APV-systemet: www.camptrac.com
More about the cloud-based automatic visitor management system CavVisit: www.cavvisit.se

For further information, please contact: Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business, +46707872620 e-post: chb@partnersec.se