CavVisit Visitor Management System

CavVisit is a digital visitor management system that completely replaces the manual visitor log. Visitor checks in/out with a QR code on their smartphones.

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Automatic visitor management

With automatic visitor management, visitors automatically checks in / out using a QR code on their smartphones. A visitors badge is printed and the host is notified that the visitor has arrived.
QR code in smartphone

Visitors receive an Email invitation to the meeting containing date, place and a QR code.

Show QR code to visitor kiosk

The QR code is shown at a visitor kiosk at the entrance. Simultaneously the host is notified via SMS/e-mail that the visitor har arrived.

Receive visitors badge

A visitor badge is automatically printed and attached to clothing by the visitor.

The meeting can begin!

The host meets the visitor at the entrance and the meeting can begin!

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Reception client

Staff at the front desk have a clear view of who are in the house and easily check visitors in / out in CavVisit’s clear interface.

In CavVisit, you manage groups of visitors as quickly and easily as single visitors. Import pre-filled visitor lists in e.g. Excel format.
With a single button press, you print and mail the current evacuation list.

CavVisit Besökssystem receptionsklient


Allow visitors to register their visits at a visitor kiosk. Visitor enters their names, who to visit and automatically receives a visitor badge.
An ordinary laptop or desktop computer can be equipped with a QR code reader and visitor badge printer to be used as a visitor kiosk.

CavVisit Besökssystem besökskiosk med självregistrering

Pre-book visitors online

Pre-book visitors quickly and easily in CavVisit’s web portal. Pre-booked visitors are shown in the reception software, which gives receptionists a basis for today’s visitors and speeds up the process on arrival.

The service is browser-based and can be used on any platform that has a browser.

CavVisit Besökssystem webportal med förhandsregistrering



Visitors register their visits themselves in a kiosk that supports multiple languages.

Group management

CavVisit handles groups of visitors as fast and smoothly as single visitors.

Access Control System integration

CavVisit can be integrated with access control systems.

Web portal

Pre-book visitors in a web browser.

Design your own visitors badges

CavVisit comes with a full-featured design tool to create visitor badges that fit your company’s graphic profile. We will help with a design that suits your company.
The program collects data from a database and prints fields like the visitor’s name, company, visitor recipient, etc. on the visitor badge.

CavVisit Besökssystem designverktyg för besöksbrickor

Statistics and reports

All visitors are logged electronically in a central SQL database, making it easy to get tailored reports and statistics for your company’s visit history. The same data can be exported to an Excel file.

CavVisit Visitor Management System statistics and reports


Amount of users in reception

Amount of visitor kiosks

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