Update log

Update log with information about the latest added updates, features, modules, and performance improvements for CavVisit Visitor Management System. We are constantly updating the software to ensure our customers the best possible visitor management. If you want to know more about any of the updates in the list, do not hesitate to contact us .


V. // 20140505
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.
– New checkbox under Settings “Do not print visitor badge if pass card number is filled in” which prevents the printing of visitor badges on check-in if pass card number is filled in for pre-booked visitors.

V. // 20170403
– Evacuation list print button has new graphics.
– The text “Visitor time” in the reception client’s visitor view has been changed to “Check-in time”.
– The text “Log In / Out” in the reception client’s Dashboard has been changed to “Check In / Out”.
– The number of characters that .NET loads has been expanded.
– A timer that automatically cleans filled-in fields in the visitor kiosk has been added.
– Bug fixes and stability improvements.