Welcome visitors with a QR code

Unlock staff resources with CavVisit door opener QR key. With the module, no full-time receptionist is needed and all the hardware needed is a QR code reader and a door controller.

Staff books their visits in a web portal. An invitation is sent to the visitors containing date and a QR code. On arrival, the visitor uses the QR code as a key to open the door of the company. The host is notified via SMS/e-mail that the visitor has arrived and meets the visitor at the entrance.

Example door environment with QR reader
1. Invitation with QR code

The visitor receives an invitation to the meeting by e-mail containing date, place and a QR code.

2. QR code opens the door

On arrival, the visitor shows the QR code to a QR reader and the door opens automatically.

3. Notification via SMS/email

The host is notified via SMS/email.

4. The meeting can begin!

The meeting can begin!


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