PartnerSec creates a card administration kiosk

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With the new card lending kiosk, employees can safely, with two-factor authentication, issue their own temporary access cards if they forgot or dropped their regular access card while deactivating their regular access card to prevent unauthorized use. If they find their usual access card, they can reactivate the access card themselves in the same kiosk.

The new card administration kiosk has three main functions:
1. Lending of temporary access cards.
2. Reactivation of employees’ regular access cards.
3. Order a new access card, including photography.

Today, temporary access cards are issued by security guards or an access system administrator, which is an interruption in daily work and creates unnecessary work. PartnerSec’s new card lending kiosk for employees has now automated lending of these temporary access cards.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec
”- Some of our customers lend out as many as 50-60 cards a day and it costs money and takes time for the security staff to handle. With the new kiosk, this momentum does not only disappear, but it also speeds up.
The kiosk is connected to the access system and handles both issuance and reactivation.
The new card administration kiosk is an integral part of the automated visitor system CavVisit. With CavVisit, our focus is always to help our customers automate as much as possible of manual processes.”

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